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Please be aware that after registering you will receive an auto-generated email from . Therefore before registration remove any restrictions on email system to allow receiving email from You will only be able to login after receiving this email. provides the following listing options:

  1. Rental property listing
  2. Rental management company listing
  3. Rental resource listings e.g. Real estate attorneys, Agents / brokers, maintenance companies etc.

Make sure that the appropriate radio button is clicked for listing.

Listing title: Listing Title is the most important field since; Google and other engines also search it. The title should have good keywords like "House for rent in North Hollywood", apartment in downtown Manhattan etc.

City Name Variations or nearby cities: This is another very important field that many ignore. Some prospects type different words for a city for example. New York City is also known as NYC or Los Angeles may be called LA or L.A. Add these variations under this field. Nearby cities are important because someone may search for a rental property in a city closer to your property. If you add nearby cities in this field your property will show up under those cities too.

Avoid letters in Number fields: Number fields like monthly rent or square feet etc. require only numbers to be entered. Please do not enter words like dollars or 1000 to 1200 sq ft. etc.

Approximation: If you pay attention to certain fields like built area, you will notice that we have added Aprox. We are aware that a small mistake in these numbers may cause problems. So do not hesitate to add an approximate number.

Edit Later: You can always edit to change listing or add picture later by signing in to your account.

Q & A

Q: I am not a rental manager but want to advertise a property for rent myself. Can I list it with

A: Yes. We have seen great results for individual property owners. You can at anytime delete your listing by logging in, the moment it gets rented out.

Q: Is there any help in listing a property?

A: We have provided a help message with every field. Please move your cursor to any blank field, wait for a few seconds to see help message appear. You may also call us at 206-575-7771 if you face any difficulty.

Q: I am not a rental provider. I am just searching for a rental property what will be my benefit to register? Do I have to pay anything to register?

A: You can register as a user for free. The advantage of registering is that you will be able to login and send e-mails directly to the providers. You will also be able to communicate with EZrent Inc, the publishers of this Marketplace who may help you find the right rental provider if you have difficulty finding it otherwise.

Q: What geographic market do we cover?

A:,, is a North American market place portal for rental properties. It covers United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Q: What Property types do we cover?

A: Under, landlords and managers advertise all kind of properties including but not limited to Residential apartments, houses, vacation properties, etc. If you want to rent out a property that is not covered under listed categories, please write or contact us. We will add new categories and locations instantly.

Q: I do not have e-mail or a web site. How we can I advertise?

A: You will need to create an email address with hotmail, Gmail or other Internet companies. You will only be able to sign in to list after registering and receiving an auto generated email.

Q: How much does it cost to list a property, products and company?

A: Currently we are offering free listing and search services for free. However we reserve the right to ask for a small fee in the future.

Q: How long wills the special promotional free offer last?

A: This special promotional membership offer lasts till December 2009.

Q: How many categories can I list under?

A: As many as apply to your property. You may assign multiple categories to you property by holding control key and click on the desired categories.

Q: How can we attract more rental customers?

A: Read the help messages. In city variations and neighborhood city fields write down the neighboring cities and variation of you city names like New York City and NYC Also make sure that cities are not misspelled.

Q: Can we change the information or picture in our listing?

A: Yes you can always login and edit certain information or change the picture. You will need to delete your properties after they are rented out.